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Banants II vs Ararat II

Banants is one of the strongest teams in league, they will play at home against not so stronger team and maybe they will manage to win this one. In first half it should be really easier for home team to gain a lead. They will maybe face average side, but they are strong like Alaskhert and they can win this duel. Ararat can make some good results, but still they seem like 3rd or 4th team in league, and against Banants it won’t be enough, since they are away team. Home side will gain a lead in first half of the game.

Date: 21-3-2016 11:00
Pick: 1 @ 1.91
Category: Armenia – First League

Fixtures – All matches

Banants II
W4 – 0 vs Shirak II (H)First League02/11/2015
W6 – 0 vs Gandzasar II (A)First League09/11/2015
W8 – 3 vs Ulisses II (H)First League23/11/2015
W3 – 0 vs FC Mika II (H)First League30/11/2015
L1 – 2 vs Alashkert FC II (H)First League14/03/2016
W3 – 0 vs Ulisses II (A)First League11/04/2016
W3 – 0 vs Ulisses II (H)First League27/05/2016
vs Pyunik II (A)First League07/03/2016
vs Ararat II (H)First League21/03/2016
vs Shirak II (A)First League24/03/2016
Ararat II
L1 – 2 vs Alashkert FC II (A)First League02/11/2015
L1 – 5 vs Shirak II (A)First League09/11/2015
W1 – 0 vs Gandzasar II (H)First League24/11/2015
W2 – 1 vs Ulisses II (H)First League30/11/2015
L0 – 2 vs FC Mika II (H)First League07/03/2016
W1 – 0 vs Pyunik II (H)First League14/03/2016
W3 – 0 vs Ulisses II (A)First League19/04/2016
vs Banants II (A)First League21/03/2016
vs Alashkert FC II (H)First League25/03/2016
vs Shirak II (H)First League05/04/2016

Fixtures – Head to Head

LBanants II0 – 3WArarat IIFirst League17/03/2014
LArarat II1 – 2WBanants IIFirst League20/05/2014
WBanants II1 – 0LArarat IIFirst League19/08/2014
LArarat II0 – 2WBanants IIFirst League21/10/2014
LBanants II3 – 4WArarat IIFirst League09/03/2015
WArarat II2 – 0LBanants IIFirst League04/05/2015
LBanants II0 – 1WArarat IIFirst League24/08/2015