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Bucheon FC 1995 vs Goyang FC

In this match in South Korea’s Second League I think the home team will win at the end . Bucheon is really good team , they are on 4 place on the table right now with 6 wins , 6 draw and 2 lost matches and they have the best defence until now . Goyang is on the last place on the table with only one win , 6 draw and 8 lost matches and they have the worst attack until now . Bucheon has 6 wins against Goyang until now , 4 matches finished draw between them and GOyang has 4 wins . But , Bucheon is playing at home , they have better form and I think they will win .

Date: 13-6-2016 11:30
Pick: 1 @ 1.62
Category: South Korea – National League

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Fixtures – All matches

Bucheon FC 1995
W2 – 0 vs Pohang Steelers (A)league.011/05/2016
W3 – 1 vs Gangwon FC (H)National League16/05/2016
D1 – 1 vs Busan I’Park (H)National League21/05/2016
L0 – 1 vs Chungju Hummel (H)National League28/05/2016
D0 – 0 vs Ansan Police FC (A)National League01/06/2016
W1 – 0 vs FC Anyang (A)National League04/06/2016
D1 – 1 vs Daegu FC (A)National League08/06/2016
vs Goyang FC (H)National League13/06/2016
vs Busan I’Park (A)National League18/06/2016
vs Gyeongju Citizen FC (H)league.022/06/2016
Goyang FC
D0 – 0 vs Bucheon FC 1995 (H)National League08/05/2016
L1 – 2 vs Gyeongnam FC (A)National League22/05/2016
L0 – 1 vs Gangwon FC (H)National League25/05/2016
D2 – 2 vs Daegu FC (A)National League29/05/2016
L2 – 4 vs Chungju Hummel (H)National League01/06/2016
D0 – 0 vs Daejeon Citizen (A)National League04/06/2016
D0 – 0 vs Ansan Police FC (H)National League08/06/2016
vs Bucheon FC 1995 (A)National League13/06/2016
vs FC Anyang (A)National League25/06/2016
vs Busan I’Park (A)National League29/06/2016

Fixtures – Head to Head

W Bucheon FC 19951 – 0L Goyang FCNational League10/05/2014
W Goyang FC1 – 0L Bucheon FC 1995National League28/06/2014
L Bucheon FC 19950 – 1W Goyang FCNational League17/09/2014
D Goyang FC0 – 0D Bucheon FC 1995National League11/10/2014
W Goyang FC1 – 0L Bucheon FC 1995National League03/05/2015
W Bucheon FC 19952 – 1L Goyang FCNational League14/06/2015
L Goyang FC2 – 3W Bucheon FC 1995National League25/07/2015