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Elche is ranked 17th with 21:44 goals and Celta is standing 9th with
25:24 goals being 8 points ahead of Elche that is fighting to remain in
the 1st league. Celta that is too close in the European playoffs will
seek a high scoring win against the weaker Elche in order to increase
the chances of reaching that target.
Celta scored in all the last 4
matches and i don’t think that will strugge with Elche, something that i
should say also is that in this stadium the four of their last 5
matches ended with more than 2 goals, two of them had 4 total goals.I dont expect less than 3 goals in this match.

Date: 2-3-2015 20:45
Pick: over 2.5 @ 1.82
Category: Spain- Primera Division

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