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Chungju Hummel vs Seoul E-Land FC

Hello Fellow Betters

This is tip for the soccer match between Hummel and Seoul E.

The home teams three last games at home delivered 11 goals in total.
This is a decent average of 3.6 goals per match. 6 of these 11 goals
were scored by the home team.

The away team has also delivered 11 goals in their last 3 away games in
total. This is a 3.6 goals average per match as well. The away team
scored 10 of the 11 goals scored in the last 3 games which will make
them the favorite to win the match, but I can see a lot of goals in this

Bet on a over 2.5, Good Luck.

Date:  10-6-2015 11:00
Pick: Over 2.5 @ 1.70
Category: South Korea – k League

Fixtures – All matches

Chungju Hummel
W3 – 1 vs Gangwon FC (H)K-League09/05/2015
W1 – 0 vs Gyeongnam FC (A)K-League13/05/2015
L0 – 4 vs Seoul E-Land FC (A)K-League16/05/2015
D3 – 3 vs Sangju Sangmu (H)K-League23/05/2015
L0 – 1 vs Bucheon FC 1995 (H)K-League31/05/2015
W3 – 2 vs Suwon City (A)K-League03/06/2015
W3 – 2 vs Ansan Police FC (H)K-League07/06/2015
vs Seoul E-Land FC (H)K-League10/06/2015
vs Sangju Sangmu (A)K-League13/06/2015
vs Goyang Hi FC (A)K-League21/06/2015
Seoul E-Land FC
W5 – 1 vs Suwon City (A)K-League02/05/2015
W3 – 2 vs Gyeongnam FC (A)K-League10/05/2015
L2 – 4 vs Gangwon FC (H)K-League13/05/2015
W4 – 0 vs Chungju Hummel (H)K-League16/05/2015
W4 – 2 vs Goyang Hi FC (A)K-League23/05/2015
W2 – 0 vs Suwon City (H)K-League30/05/2015
W3 – 0 vs Bucheon FC 1995 (A)K-League03/06/2015
vs Chungju Hummel (A)K-League10/06/2015
vs FC Anyang (A)K-League13/06/2015
vs Sangju Sangmu (H)K-League20/06/2015

Fixtures – Head to Head

Seoul E-Land FC
4 – 0L
Chungju Hummel