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Croydon Kings vs Adelaide City

croydon kings play against adelaide citu and it is a apl league playoffs. they have gone quite well and espesially the away team which has got 3 wins in the last 3 games and with big scores. so in the games between the teams the score is going at 4 goals in total quite many times and i believe that in this game it can be again.
i will not give advantage to any team as soon as they are equal and both able to win but the score will be definitely very big and that is my option at over 2.5 at the odd of 1.55!

Date: 22-8-2015 10:30
Pick: Over 2.5 @ 1.55
Category: Australia – National Premier league

Fixtures – All matches

Croydon Kings
L1 – 3 vs Adelaide Raiders (A)National Premier Leagues11/07/2015
W2 – 0 vs Adelaide City (H)National Premier Leagues18/07/2015
W4 – 1 vs White City Woodville (H)National Premier Leagues25/07/2015
D1 – 1 vs South Adelaide (H)National Premier Leagues01/08/2015
L1 – 2 vs Lions FC (H)Cup05/08/2015
L1 – 6 vs West Adelaide (A)National Premier Leagues09/08/2015
W2 – 1 vs Para Hills Knights (H)National Premier Leagues15/08/2015
vs Adelaide City (H)National Premier Leagues22/08/2015
Adelaide City
W4 – 0 vs Port Adelaide Lion SC (A)National Premier Leagues04/07/2015
W2 – 1 vs Modbury Jets (A)National Premier Leagues10/07/2015
L0 – 2 vs Croydon Kings (A)National Premier Leagues18/07/2015
L0 – 1 vs Adelaide Comets (H)National Premier Leagues25/07/2015
W4 – 0 vs Campbelltown City (A)National Premier Leagues01/08/2015
W3 – 0 vs West Torrens Birkalla (H)National Premier Leagues08/08/2015
W3 – 1 vs Adelaide Raiders (A)National Premier Leagues15/08/2015
vs Croydon Kings (A)National Premier Leagues22/08/2015

Fixtures – Head to Head

LAdelaide City1 – 3WCroydon KingsNational Premier Leagues16/05/2014
LCroydon Kings0 – 4WAdelaide CityNational Premier Leagues16/08/2014
WCroydon Kings4 – 0LAdelaide CityNational Premier Leagues23/08/2014
WAdelaide City6 – 1LCroydon KingsNational Premier Leagues06/04/2015
LAdelaide City0 – 2WCroydon KingsVarious/Mixed Matches 128/06/2015
WCroydon Kings2 – 0LAdelaide CityNational Premier Leagues18/07/2015