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Arsenal back to winning road after defeated by tottenham hotspur. Tho
they manage to win against Leicester but they fail to cover the spread.
Now we have a good chance to win the bet as they only face crystal

Palace play pretty good recently and they only loss once in last 7
matches, they are safe from relegation zone for now, last time they
manage a draw against new castle, but now I think they should fall once

Arsenal should thanks to Mesut Ozil, his contribution is the key for
recent wins, even he scored when arsenal fall to tottenham, and made
assist in their match against Leicester,
If arsenal want a champions league position again, they should win this one at all cost.

Date:  21-2-2015 16:00
Pick: 2 @ 1.85
Category:England – EPL
Pls let have your opinion on the match in comment section