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Daegu FC vs Seoul E-Land FC

In this match in South Korea’s Second League I think the home team will
win at the end . Daegu is on third place on the table with 6 wins , 7
draw and only one lost match until now and Seoul is on 5 place with 5
wins , 3 draw and 6 lost matches until now . Daegu has one win in their
last 7 matches but they have 5 draw in those 7 matches , on other side ,
Seoul has also one win in their last 7 matches but they have 4 lost in
those 7 matches . Daegu has 2 wins against Seoul and 3 draw matches
between them . Daegu is better team and I think they will win .

Date: 11-6-2016  08:00
Pick: 1 @ 2.05
Category: South Korea – National League

Fixtures – All matches

Daegu FC
L2 – 4 vs FC Seoul (A)league.011/05/2016
D1 – 1 vs Seoul E-Land FC (A)National League16/05/2016
D0 – 0 vs Gangwon FC (H)National League22/05/2016
L2 – 3 vs FC Anyang (A)National League25/05/2016
D2 – 2 vs Goyang FC (H)National League29/05/2016
W1 – 0 vs Chungju Hummel (A)National League04/06/2016
D1 – 1 vs Bucheon FC 1995 (H)National League08/06/2016
vs Seoul E-Land FC (H)National League11/06/2016
vs Gyeongnam FC (A)National League18/06/2016
vs Gangwon FC (A)National League26/06/2016
Seoul E-Land FC
L3 – 5 vs Sunggyungwan University (H)league.011/05/2016
D1 – 1 vs Daegu FC (H)National League16/05/2016
L1 – 2 vs FC Anyang (A)National League21/05/2016
L1 – 2 vs Daejeon Citizen (A)National League25/05/2016
W2 – 1 vs Gyeongnam FC (H)National League01/06/2016
L0 – 2 vs Ansan Police FC (A)National League05/06/2016
L1 – 3 vs Chungju Hummel (A)National League08/06/2016
vs Daegu FC (A)National League11/06/2016
vs FC Anyang (H)National League19/06/2016
vs Busan I’Park (H)National League25/06/2016

Fixtures – Head to Head

Seoul E-Land FC
1 – 1 D
Daegu FC
National League04/04/2015
Daegu FC
1 – 0 L
Seoul E-Land FC
National League01/07/2015
Seoul E-Land FC
0 – 2 W
Daegu FC
National League09/09/2015
Daegu FC
3 – 3 D
Seoul E-Land FC
National League31/10/2015
Seoul E-Land FC
1 – 1 D
Daegu FC
National League16/05/2016