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Only 4 matches until the season is over, and its an 100 duty win for Derby County
Ok derby at the moment is a little nervous, so they mananged, to get just 1 win of their last 6 games
They are currently ranked 5 at the table, and they must take care, big
time, do not fall out of the qualification ranks for the promotion to
the premier league playoffs, cause they are at the moment just 1 point
in that ranks, so the pressure from behind is extreme hard

Now there is no excuse, as the face the weakest team of the league, really really weak Blackpool They managed just unbelievabe 4 wins in 42 matches, goal difference – 49
Yeah if Derby not win that one, that i don´t know anything.

Date: 14-4-2015 19:45
Pick: 1 @ 1.25
Category: England – Championship