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Faroe Islands U21 vs Azerbaijan U21

I think there are good chances for the match between Faroe Islands U21
and Azerbaijan U21 to have no goals scored from both sides at halftime.
This is the beginning of group stage in group 7, in the European
Championship U21 qualifications, and for both teams that match is great
chance to get some points, as all of their other group opponents are
playing at higher level.
As we can see in h2h, both teams try to play
well in the defence at the beginning of the match, and then they count
on making that one great attack to get whole 3 points. I think for odds
2.85 it’s worth risking to back halftime be drawn 0-0. Also “more goals:
2nd half” looks like good bet, but i’m taking the risk and for higher
odds i take 0-0 halftime.

Date: 15-6-2015 17:00
Pick: Under 0.5 ht @ 2.8
Category: U 21 EURO qualifier

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