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FC Bihor Oradea vs CSM Metalul Resita

Lots of problems for this teams.Bad start ,bad results and game
play.Hard to say witch one will be the winner ,but I think we will see
some goals scored today.Resita finally won a point last round.E Trica is
their coach now.Slight improvement for this guys ,but I don’t think
their issues are fixed yet.
This team is broken ,struggling big time
,financial problems are very bad.,just a matter a time since the players
will start acting out and ruin games.Both teams need points badly ,I am
counting on a very open game here.The slogan for this teams should be :
“If not know ,when?.GL!

Date: 7-10-2015 13:00
Pick:  Over 2.5 @ 1.99
category: Romania – Liga 11

Fixtures – All matches

FC Bihor Oradea
D1 – 1 vs Ramnicu Valcea (H)Liga II09/05/2015
L0 – 2 vs CS Mioveni (H)Liga II29/08/2015
L1 – 2 vs FC Olimpia Satu Mare (A)Liga II05/09/2015
L0 – 1 vs Ramnicu Valcea (H)Liga II12/09/2015
D1 – 1 vs FC Brasov (A)Liga II19/09/2015
L0 – 2 vs Baia Mare (H)Liga II26/09/2015
W3 – 2 vs CS Caransebes (A)Liga II03/10/2015
vs CSM Metalul Resita (H)Liga II07/10/2015
vs CS Soimii Pancota (H)Liga II10/10/2015
vs Chindia Targoviste (A)Liga II17/10/2015
CSM Metalul Resita
L1 – 3 vs CS Mioveni (A)Liga II30/05/2015
L0 – 5 vs FC Olimpia Satu Mare (H)Liga II29/08/2015
L2 – 3 vs Ramnicu Valcea (A)Liga II05/09/2015
L2 – 3 vs FC Brasov (H)Liga II12/09/2015
L0 – 3 vs Baia Mare (A)Liga II19/09/2015
L0 – 2 vs CS Caransebes (H)Liga II26/09/2015
D0 – 0 vs CS Soimii Pancota (A)Liga II03/10/2015
vs FC Bihor Oradea (A)Liga II07/10/2015
vs Chindia Targoviste (H)Liga II10/10/2015
vs UTA Batrana Doamna (A)Liga II17/10/2015

Fixtures – Head to Head

FC Bihor Oradea
0 – 0 D
CSM Metalul Resita
Liga II15/03/2014
FC Bihor Oradea
1 – 1 D
CSM Metalul Resita
Liga II04/10/2014
CSM Metalul Resita
1 – 0 L
FC Bihor Oradea
Liga II28/02/2015