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I wish i had listened to a guy on nairaland yesterday, he told me that barcelona will lose with some reasons, it will have been a good funny bet for us yesterday.
I see a similar situation here
I like Cesena they are playing punk rock football and believe me, they would have won against Juventus if not for the referee influence on the match. If they got a point there
why not here vs a shaky Milan side who sooner or later will have to get
rid of inzaghi. I think Cesena have a very decent chance to score here
as they have score in 4 of the last 5 away matches and Milan have
conceded in the last 6 home matches. The motivation and the confidence
will be sky high for Cesena so I think they have a chance to win this
Date: 22-2-2015  15:00
Pick: 2 @ 9.80
Category: Italy- Serie A
 Pls let me have your opinion on this funny bet
Currently working on another funny bet for today with higher point….. STAY TUNE