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Germany U20 vs Nigeria U20

The match is between the champion of Europa, and the champions of
Africa. Great match, Germany showed that they can score. with wins
against Oezbekistan 3-0. But did get a goal against them in their match
against Honduras (1-5) and Fiji (8-1). and Nigeria have more quality
then those 2.
I see both teams score. But at the end Germany as winner.
High speed strikers at the side of Nigeria will make them score. 4-2
lost against Brazil. And i think this will be a match with that kind of
level. over 2,5 is the perfect bet with an 1,63 odd

Date: 11-6-2015 08:30
Pick: Over 2.5 @ 1.63
category: U 20 World Cup

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Germany U20
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vs Nigeria U20 (H)U-20 World Cup11/06/2015
Nigeria U20
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L2 – 4 vs Brazil U20 (H)U-20 World Cup01/06/2015
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vs Germany U20 (A)U-20 World Cup11/06/2015

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