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Ghana U20 vs Mali U20

Ghana U20 finished its group on 1st place, as they defeated Argentina
with 3-2, drew 1-1 with Austria and defeated Panama with 1-0 as well, so
they collected 7 points, and they faced some tough opponents, both
Austria and Argentina being of a decent level, and they played well
against them.
Mali U20 finished its group on 2nd place, they won 2-0
over Mexico, drew 1-1 with Uruguay and lost 2-0 to Serbia. These two
teams, both from Africa, met eachother this year and Ghana won the game
with 3-1 so my bet here in this game is on Ghana to win.

Date: 10-6-2015 05:00
Pick: 1 @ 75
Category: U 20 world cup

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Ghana U20
W3 – 2 vs Portugal U20 (A)U-20 World Cup03/07/2013
W4 – 3 vs Chile U20 (H)U-20 World Cup07/07/2013
L1 – 2 vs France U20 (A)U-20 World Cup10/07/2013
W3 – 0 vs Iraq U20 (H)U-20 World Cup13/07/2013
D1 – 1 vs Austria U20 (H)U-20 World Cup30/05/2015
W3 – 2 vs Argentina U20 (A)U-20 World Cup02/06/2015
W1 – 0 vs Panama U20 (A)U-20 World Cup05/06/2015
vs Mali U20 (H)U-20 World Cup10/06/2015
Mali U20
L0 – 2 vs France U20 (A)U-20 World Cup06/08/2011
D1 – 1 vs Paraguay U20 (A)U-20 World Cup22/06/2013
D0 – 0 vs Greece U20 (H)U-20 World Cup25/06/2013
L1 – 4 vs Mexico U20 (H)U-20 World Cup28/06/2013
W2 – 0 vs Mexico U20 (A)U-20 World Cup31/05/2015
L0 – 2 vs Serbia U20 (A)U-20 World Cup03/06/2015
D1 – 1 vs Uruguay U20 (H)U-20 World Cup06/06/2015
vs Ghana U20 (A)U-20 World Cup10/06/2015

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