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India vs Oman

Oman are the clear favorites in my opinion. The odds should be much less for a win, but that’s good for me.

India have one of the worst teams in the world and Oman are better than
average in Asia. this game won’t be a blow out, but should be a
comfortable win for Oman.

India is ranked 141 in the world and Oman are 101. FIFA rankings don’t
count for much, but I agree with them this time that Oman are the better
Oman were able to beat Malaysia 6:0 in a friendly this year and I think
Malaysia are just as good as India. The score won’t be as high, but I
predict a 2-0 win for Oman

Date: 11-6-2015 14:30
Pick: 2 @ 1.30
Category: world cup qualifier

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