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Ireland vs Sweden

Sweden is the only team in the group tha can find a place in the first two places and to do that they definately need a win against Ireland.
On the other side, Ireland will not really have any goal that to play free of anxiety and try to make their fans happy.
Moreover, Sweden has many stars and an amazing offensive line.
Lat but not least, do I even have to talk about Zlatan Ibrahimovic?
This man can win a game alone.
He is coming from a great season and he will most certainly want a good tournament as it might be his last.

So i believe the odds are suicidal by the bookers and we just might have a real chance to make good money.

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Date: 13-6-2016 17:00
Pick: 2 @ 2.45
Category: International – EURO 2016

Fixtures – All matches

L1 – 2 vs Poland (A)EURO 201611/10/2015
D1 – 1 vs Bosnia-Herzegovina (A)EURO 201613/11/2015
W2 – 0 vs Bosnia-Herzegovina (H)EURO 201616/11/2015
W1 – 0 vs Switzerland (H)Friendlies25/03/2016
D2 – 2 vs Slovakia (H)Friendlies29/03/2016
D1 – 1 vs Netherlands (H)Friendlies27/05/2016
L1 – 2 vs Belarus (H)Friendlies31/05/2016
vs Sweden (H)EURO 201613/06/2016
vs Belgium (A)EURO 201618/06/2016
vs Italy (A)EURO 201622/06/2016
D2 – 2 vs Denmark (A)EURO 201617/11/2015
D1 – 1 vs Estonia (H)Friendlies06/01/2016
W3 – 0 vs Finland (H)Friendlies10/01/2016
L1 – 2 vs Turkey (A)Friendlies24/03/2016
D1 – 1 vs Czech Republic (H)Friendlies29/03/2016
D0 – 0 vs Slovenia (H)Friendlies30/05/2016
W3 – 0 vs Wales (H)Friendlies05/06/2016
vs Ireland (A)EURO 201613/06/2016
vs Italy (A)EURO 201617/06/2016
vs Belgium (H)EURO 201622/06/2016

Fixtures – Head to Head