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Italy U19 vs Austria U19 Betting Tip

The UEFA U19 Championship has met the needs & requirements of Fans
worldwide with some great football being produced by the future
generation of Superstars & Ballers.

The opening Match of the Tournament, which had a record breaking
attendance of 54,689 Fans produced a magnificent performance by Italy.
They replicated the style of play exactly like the 1st Team – With their
Defense proving too difficult to break-down, and their Counter-Attacks
lethal. Where have we seen this before? They managed to beat the Hosts
and Favorites – Germany on Home soil by scoring a crucial Penalty in the
78th Minute.

They will enter this Match against Austria with their confidence high,
and Coach Paolo Vanoli will probably field the same players that
performed so admirably. Furthermore, the Italians have a stronger
history with a culture addicted to the sport!

They will need to stop Arnel Jakupovic at all costs, and their Defense
are more then capable of accomplishing that goal. The Italians will
produce some beautiful football with a Win here stamping their presence
at the top of the Summit or Group Table.

Date: 14-7-2016 11:00p
Pick: 1 @ 1.27
Category: International – EURO 2016

Fixtures – All matches

Italy U19
D1 – 1 vs Finland U19 (H)U-1908/10/2015
W3 – 2 vs Macedonia U19 (H)U-1910/10/2015
D0 – 0 vs England U19 (A)U-1913/10/2015
W4 – 0 vs Israel U19 (A)U-1925/03/2016
W2 – 0 vs Switzerland U19 (A)U-1927/03/2016
D2 – 2 vs Turkey U19 (H)U-1930/03/2016
W1 – 0 vs Germany U19 (A)U-1911/07/2016
vs Austria U19 (H)U-1914/07/2016
vs Portugal U19 (H)U-1917/07/2016
Austria U19
W2 – 1 vs Albania U19 (H)U-1912/11/2015
W2 – 0 vs Wales U19 (H)U-1914/11/2015
D0 – 0 vs Georgia U19 (A)U-1917/11/2015
W3 – 1 vs Slovakia U19 (H)U-1924/03/2016
W4 – 0 vs Romania U19 (A)U-1926/03/2016
W3 – 1 vs Czech Republic U19 (H)U-1929/03/2016
D1 – 1 vs Portugal U19 (A)U-1911/07/2016
vs Italy U19 (A)U-1914/07/2016
vs Germany U19 (H)U-1917/07/2016

Fixtures – Head to Head

Austria U19
2 – 1 L
Italy U19