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Kyrgyzstan vs Australia

World Cup 2018 qualifier match between Kyrgyzstan and Australia.
I think there’s no question about the differences between the two
national teams, and we must taking account that Australia hold up to
the Netherlands June 18, 2014 (2-3).
Kyrgyzstan is a very weak national team that has nothing to offer in
attack and neither in defense, their latest results confirm this
1-3 against Bangladesh
2-0 against China
4-0 against China again
and 7-1 vs Kazakhstan

I think with this scenario as no doubt about my bet: Ht / ft for
Australia, which is also considered highly paid. We just need a little
luck and Australia plays concentrated, good luck.

Date: 16-6-2015 16:00
Pick: 2/2 @ 1.42
Category: Asia world cup qualifier

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