N.Ireland vs Germany


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N. Ireland will play host to germany today in euros 2016 football league
in a very interesting match and in my opinion the Germans are the
better team to claim the victory here. They have won four of the last
six overall matches they have played draw one and loose one and it is a
good record.The irelands on the other hand have won three of their last
six overall matches loosing one and two draws and it is a good record.
The germans have a good head to head record against their opponents and
have won four out of the last six fixtures. I will pick the Germans to
grab a win and top their group

Date: 21-6-2016 17:00
Pick: 2 @ 1.31
Category: International – EURO 2016

Fixtures – All matches

Match league date
W1 – 0 vs Latvia (H) Friendlies 13/11/2015
D1 – 1 vs Wales (A) Friendlies 24/03/2016
W1 – 0 vs Slovenia (H) Friendlies 28/03/2016
W3 – 0 vs Belarus (H) Friendlies 27/05/2016
D0 – 0 vs Slovakia (A) Friendlies 04/06/2016
L0 – 1 vs Poland (A) EURO 2016 12/06/2016
W2 – 0 vs Ukraine (A) EURO 2016 16/06/2016
vs Germany (H) EURO 2016 21/06/2016
vs Czech Republic (A) World Cup 04/09/2016
vs San Marino (H) World Cup 08/10/2016
Match league date
L0 – 2 vs France (A) Friendlies 13/11/2015
L2 – 3 vs England (H) Friendlies 26/03/2016
W4 – 1 vs Italy (H) Friendlies 29/03/2016
L1 – 3 vs Slovakia (H) Friendlies 29/05/2016
W2 – 0 vs Hungary (H) Friendlies 04/06/2016
W2 – 0 vs Ukraine (H) EURO 2016 12/06/2016
D0 – 0 vs Poland (H) EURO 2016 16/06/2016
vs N.Ireland (A) EURO 2016 21/06/2016
vs Norway (A) World Cup 04/09/2016
vs Czech Republic (H) World Cup 08/10/2016

Fixtures – Head to Head