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Pallo-Iirot vs BK-46

Pallo-lirot is in the last place with 3 wins, 4 draws and 11 losses. At home they got 2 wins, 1 draw and 5 losses, being the worse home team in the league,

BK-46 is in the 5ft place with 8 wins, 5 draws and 5 losses. Away they got 2 wins, 3 draws and 3 losses, which is an average away record.

Pallo-lirot is going trough a bad moment of form, they have 1 win, 3 draws and 6 losses in the last 10 matches. BK-46 had a sequence of 4 games that were quite bad but they got back up and are now with 4 wins and 1 draw in the last 5 matches. BK-46 is in a great form, so it´s worth to back the at this odds.

Date: 13-8-2015 16:30
pick: 2 @ 1.73
Category: Finland – others

Fixtures – All matches

L1 – 2 vs Musan Salama (H)Other02/07/2015
D1 – 1 vs SalPa (A)Other09/07/2015
L0 – 2 vs ESC (A)Other16/07/2015
L2 – 3 vs AaIFK (H)Other24/07/2015
D2 – 2 vs MaPS (A)Other01/08/2015
L0 – 2 vs GrIFK Grankulla (H)Other06/08/2015
L2 – 3 vs Naerpes Kraft (A)Other09/08/2015
vs BK-46 (H)Other13/08/2015
vs BK-46 (A)Other17/08/2015
vs KaaPo (H)Other20/08/2015
L0 – 4 vs ESC (H)Other05/07/2015
L0 – 7 vs GrIFK Grankulla (A)Other12/07/2015
W3 – 0 vs Naerpes Kraft (H)Other26/07/2015
W2 – 0 vs MaPS (A)Other29/07/2015
W3 – 0 vs AaIFK (H)Other01/08/2015
W3 – 0 vs KaaPo (A)Other05/08/2015
D0 – 0 vs Musan Salama (H)Other08/08/2015
vs Pallo-Iirot (A)Other13/08/2015
vs Pallo-Iirot (H)Other17/08/2015
vs SalPa (A)Other23/08/2015

Fixtures – Head to Head

WBK-464 – 2LPallo-IirotOther03/05/2015