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Portugal vs Iceland

Don’t look like Portugal will have problems today. They are the strongest team in this group and they should be able to win today. This is kind of game on which they will make a nice result and win easily at start of this tournament.

Iceland can be very happy with their position here. They played amazing football in qualifications but I don’t think they are side that will win today as well.

I don’t expect much from Iceland in France and I just hope Portugal will prove me right today. They are much stronger and they should be able to win today.

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Date: 14-6-2016 20:00
Pick: 1 @ 1.53
International – EURO 2016

Fixtures – All matches

L0 – 1 vs Russia (A)Friendlies14/11/2015
W2 – 0 vs Luxembourg (A)Friendlies17/11/2015
L0 – 1 vs Bulgaria (H)Friendlies25/03/2016
W2 – 1 vs Belgium (H)Friendlies29/03/2016
W3 – 0 vs Norway (H)Friendlies29/05/2016
L0 – 1 vs England (A)Friendlies02/06/2016
W7 – 0 vs Estonia (H)Friendlies08/06/2016
vs Iceland (H)EURO 201614/06/2016
vs Austria (H)EURO 201618/06/2016
vs Hungary (A)EURO 201622/06/2016
W1 – 0 vs Finland (A)Friendlies13/01/2016
L1 – 2 vs U.A.E. (A)Friendlies16/01/2016
L2 – 3 vs USA (A)Friendlies31/01/2016
L1 – 2 vs Denmark (A)Friendlies24/03/2016
W3 – 2 vs Greece (A)Friendlies29/03/2016
L2 – 3 vs Norway (A)Friendlies01/06/2016
W4 – 0 vs Liechtenstein (H)Friendlies06/06/2016
vs Portugal (A)EURO 201614/06/2016
vs Hungary (H)EURO 201618/06/2016
vs Austria (H)EURO 201622/06/2016

Fixtures – Head to Head