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I have said it earlier and i will still say it again that over 2.5 goals has been the tradition of jupiter league. 18
of Volendam’s 23 games have seen over 2.5 goals and 15 of Roda’s 23
games have seen the same. 7 of Roda’s 11 home games have seen over 2.5,
but even better than that, 10 of Volendam’s 11 away games have seen over
2.5 (including their last 6 league games in a row!). Volendam’s last
game finished 4-3 and there is always the potential for a mad scoreline
in this league!!! Volendam’s games have seen an average of 4.1 goals,
joint highest in the league. Why dont we just expect the same thing in this match?

Date:9-2-2015 20:00
Pick: over 2.5 @ 1.35
Category: netherland – Jupiter league