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Saudi Arabia vs U.A.E.

Saudi Arabia has been beating UAE recently, but I think Saudi Arabia is not as strong as they used to be.

I am drawn to the 2014 Arabian Gulf Cup, where Saudi Arabia were
runners-up and UAE took 3rd place. They played in the semi-finals, where
Saudi Arabia won 3-2. The first half ended 2-0 for Saudi, but the UAE
came back and tied up before Saudi scored the winner in the 86th minute.

As far as I can see, in their past 5 matches, 3 of them saw both sides
scoring. and in 7 of their last 10 matches combined, they’ve been scored
against (both had clean sheets against Timor Leste and the last one was
UAE hosting Malaysia).

So, what I guess I’m trying to say is that they have no problem scoring, but both defenses can be scored against.

date: 8-10-2015  18:00
Pick: Both team to score (yes) @ 2.05
Category: International – World cup qualifier

Fixtures – All matches

Saudi Arabia
L0 – 2 vs South Korea (H)Friendlies04/01/2015
L0 – 1 vs China (H)Asian Cup10/01/2015
W4 – 1 vs North Korea (A)Asian Cup14/01/2015
L1 – 3 vs Uzbekistan (A)Asian Cup18/01/2015
W2 – 1 vs Jordan (H)Friendlies30/03/2015
W3 – 2 vs Palestine (H)World Cup11/06/2015
W7 – 0 vs Timor-Leste (H)World Cup03/09/2015
vs U.A.E. (H)World Cup08/10/2015
vs Palestine (A)World Cup13/10/2015
vs Timor-Leste (A)World Cup17/11/2015
L0 – 2 vs Australia (A)Asian Cup27/01/2015
W3 – 2 vs Iraq (A)Asian Cup30/01/2015
L0 – 3 vs South Korea (A)Friendlies11/06/2015
W1 – 0 vs Timor-Leste (A)World Cup16/06/2015
W1 – 0 vs Myanmar (H)Friendlies28/08/2015
W10 – 0 vs Malaysia (H)World Cup03/09/2015
D0 – 0 vs Palestine (A)World Cup08/09/2015
vs Saudi Arabia (A)World Cup08/10/2015
vs Timor-Leste (H)World Cup12/11/2015
vs Malaysia (A)World Cup17/11/2015

Fixtures – Head to Head

Saudi Arabia
3 – 2L
Gulf Cup 123/11/2014