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Senegal vs Burundi

Burundi, the African powerhouse… wait, scrap that. They’re not going to do anything against Senegal.
Last qualification Burundi lost in the 1st phase to Botswana, and they
usually lose most of their games. The 134 ranked team will be playing at
the 36 world ranked team. That’s almost 100 teams between them.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure Senegal will win.

They were placed in a tough group in the 2015 AFCON, but still managed
to get 4 points. They’re in the top league and usually have a chance to
make the World Cup.

I don’t see Burundi as a threat and I think Senegal should have a comfortable win.

Date: 13-6-2015 20:00
Pick: 1 @ 1.20
category: AFrica nations cup qualifier

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