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Serbia U20 vs Hungary U20

Serbia did not start their group containing Uruguay, Mali and Mexico the
greatest way as they lost with 1-0 to Uruguay, but they showed their
class as they defeated Mali with 2-0 and also won over Mexico with 2-0,
and ended up winning their group,
so now they get the chance of playing
against a 3rd placed opponent, and that team is going to be Hungary
which lost against Nigeria 2-0 and Brazil 2-1, only beat North Korea
5-1. But Serbia is the better team here in this game and my bet here is
going to be on Serbia to in this game.

Date: 10-6-2015 05:00
Pick: 1 @ 1.73
Category: U 20 world cup

Fixtures – All matches

Serbia U20
D3 – 3 vs Hungary U20 (A)Various/Mixed Matches 119/09/2012
W6 – 0 vs Myanmar U20 (H)Various/Mixed Matches 126/03/2015
L0 – 1 vs Uruguay U20 (A)U-20 World Cup31/05/2015
W2 – 0 vs Mali U20 (H)U-20 World Cup03/06/2015
W2 – 0 vs Mexico U20 (H)U-20 World Cup06/06/2015
vs Hungary U20 (H)U-20 World Cup10/06/2015
Hungary U20
W3 – 0 vs China U20 (A)Toulon Tournament 102/06/2011
L0 – 2 vs Mexico U20 (H)Toulon Tournament 104/06/2011
D1 – 1 vs France U20 (A)Toulon Tournament 106/06/2011
D3 – 3 vs Serbia U20 (H)Various/Mixed Matches 119/09/2012
W5 – 1 vs North Korea U20 (A)U-20 World Cup01/06/2015
L1 – 2 vs Brazil U20 (H)U-20 World Cup04/06/2015
L0 – 2 vs Nigeria U20 (H)U-20 World Cup07/06/2015
vs Serbia U20 (A)U-20 World Cup10/06/2015

Fixtures – Head to Head

Hungary U20
3 – 3 D
Serbia U20
Various/Mixed Matches 119/09/2012