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Terek, for the first time since the beginning of spring, in the last
round won against Ufa with his standard score 1-0. It is very important
that the result was obtained at the exit, and we all know that house
Terek is playing much better.

Zenit will arrive in Grozny after a very important victory over CSKA. In
fact, the title in the Premier League has been produced, and now every
game is just to zoom in Petrograd to the coveted title.

But, this match is another very important implication. Zenith 21 tour
lost only 2 matches, and one of them just the Terek, and at Petrovsky.
This gives the Zenith an additional impulse to avenge the Terek.

Date: 8-4-2015 15:45
Pick: 2 @ 1.70
Category: Russia Premier Liga