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Tottenham boss Mauricio Pochettino rotated his squad against Fiorentina
on Thursday and is set to recall key players such as Harry Kane.
Pochettino has reported no new injury concerns and will have a fully-fit
squad at his disposal. And they have played very decent match vs
Fiorentina and are in ok momentum. WestHam after a very nice start are
losing the momentum and I think they will lose here as well. as BBc
report notes last weekend’s humiliating 4-0 exit from the FA Cup at
West Bromwich Albion has left West Ham’s season in danger of petering
out. Spurs will win this.

Date:  22-2-2015 01:00
Pick: 1 @ 1.83
Category:England – EPL
Pls let have your opinion on the match in comment section