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Albania vs Serbia

What a game this will be. Serbia have nothing to lose, except maybe
their lives. But, they’re at the bottom of the table with no chance of

Serbia will fight like they’re at war and will probably try to get the
Albanians to fight back, but they’ll probably get red carded instead and
give Albania the win.

Albania know they need a win to qualify as they recently lost to
Portugal on the road. They sit 1 point behind Denmark and with a win
here they’ll probably qualify automatically.

Albania is the better team in my opinion, but politically speaking, they
need this win at home and they’ll play like they never played before.

My prediction 2-0 Albania

Date: 8-10-2015 19:45
Pick: 1 @ 2.90
Category: International – EURO 2016 qualifier

Fixtures – All matches

W3 – 0 vs Serbia (A)EURO 201614/10/2014
D1 – 1 vs France (A)Friendlies14/11/2014
L0 – 1 vs Italy (A)Friendlies18/11/2014
W2 – 1 vs Armenia (H)EURO 201629/03/2015
W1 – 0 vs France (H)Friendlies13/06/2015
D0 – 0 vs Denmark (A)EURO 201604/09/2015
L0 – 1 vs Portugal (H)EURO 201607/09/2015
vs Serbia (H)EURO 201608/10/2015
vs Armenia (A)EURO 201611/10/2015
vs Macedonia (H)World Cup05/09/2016
L1 – 3 vs Denmark (H)EURO 201614/11/2014
W2 – 0 vs Greece (A)Friendlies18/11/2014
L1 – 2 vs Portugal (A)EURO 201629/03/2015
W4 – 1 vs Azerbaijan (H)Friendlies07/06/2015
L0 – 2 vs Denmark (A)EURO 201613/06/2015
W2 – 0 vs Armenia (H)EURO 201604/09/2015
L1 – 2 vs France (A)Friendlies07/09/2015
vs Albania (A)EURO 201608/10/2015
vs Portugal (H)EURO 201611/10/2015
vs Ireland (H)World Cup05/09/2016

Fixtures – Head to Head

0 – 3W
EURO 201614/10/2014